How do I care for my MAMA'S KNITS item?


Dry Clean Only. Your knits should be taken to a professional dry cleaner to ensure their superior quality is maintained upon cleaning.

If you have tiny stains on a printed or knit item, try spot cleaning immediately. Dab a place with cold or warm water. Spot-cleaning knitwear with
soap or rubbing may result in felted wool/yarn.

How should I store my knitwear?

Knitwear is best stored folded in a drawer or box. If you want to hang your knitwear, use rounded, non-slip hangers. Pointy hangers may grab your knitwear. We've never had a difficulty hanging MAMAS KNITS (using the hangers we suggest).

Can I wear jewellery with my knitwear item?

Please don't snag the garment with jewellery, sharp objects, or rough surfaces while wearing or trying it on. Sharp bracelets or jewellery may grab wool or yarn, but don't panic! Smooth-edged hoop earrings go nicely with knits.

Will my Chunky Knit pill?

When wearing extremely gigantic knitwear, pilling may develop. This is natural since un-spun wool/yarn is delicate and luscious. Pilling is loose fibre, shedding, or tiny balls that occur in knitwear. Due to friction, this may happen more within the clothing.

How do I remove any pilling?

You can get the Knitwear Comb here to brush your knitwear. Be cautious not to cut your knitwear with sharp scissors while removing pilling or loose fibres. If the pilling is loose, you may take it off with your fingertips, but don't pull too hard!

How can I fix a loose end in my Chunky Knit?

We call these tails! When knitting a row, we end up with a small tail that we tuck in. Due to wear, they can pop out again. This is not an indication of unravelling, just a small tail that has to be tucked in.

Can I wear my knitwear item in the rain or snow?

We don't recommend wearing MAMAS KNITS in rain or snow unless it's covered. Knitwear that gets wet is OK. Put knitwear flat to dry. Wet knitting might stretch due to water absorption.

If you have concerns regarding caring for your Chunky Knit, contact