Pre-order Policy


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Pre-Order Policy

Pre-order terms and conditions for MAMAS KNITS. Please read these terms before placing a pre-order for MAMAS KNITS. By ordering, you agree to these conditions.

  • Price & Payment: Pre-Orders are charged in full when placed.
  • Delivery Schedule: We'll try to send things as quickly as possible, but delays are possible. MAMAS KNITS does not guarantee that the Product will be sent by the anticipated date. MAMAS KNITS is not liable for any losses that may occur due to a delay, nor is it bound, save as set out in these Terms, to issue discounts, refunds, or credits owing to any such delays. We'll let you know the status of your Pre-Order within two (2) weeks.
  • Cancellation: "Made-to-order" Pre-orders can't be cancelled or returned. If MAMAS KNITS cancels your pre-order, you'll get a full refund.